HWI Immigration To Portugal 2022

The world is fast becoming an uncertain place, and the stats for HNW immigration to Portugal show it.

Events like the previous US elections and Brexit have seen high net worth individuals (HNWIs) from the UK and America join the increasing numbers of migrant investors obtaining a Plan B in more favorable locations. 

As most prospective Golden Visa applicants are already aware, the Portuguese Golden Visa program went through some significant changes at the end of 2021.

Below, we highlight Portugal’s various visa and investment options available to HNW individuals going into 2022:

Golden Visa Investment Options 2023 Minimums Price Increase From 2021 New program rules
Property Investment €280,000+, or

€350,000+, or

€400,000+, or

€500,000+ depending on the property’s age and location.

N/A The minimum investment requirements for the Golden Visa will remain unchanged in 2022, but residential real estate in Lisbon, Porto, Setubal, the Silver Coast as well as the Algarve region will no longer be eligible as investments. 

(Commercial property in the above-mentioned areas will still be eligible as Golden Visa investments.)

In order to qualify for the Golden Visa via a residential property investment, you’ll now have to buy a property either in the Azores islands, or in the Portuguese mainland interior.

Capital deposit in a Portuguese national bank €1.5 million €500,000 extra N/A
Investment Funds €500,000 €150,000 extra N/A
Research Activities €500,000+ €150,000 extra N/A
Job Creation €500,000+ €150,000 extra N/A
Cultural/Heritage Investment €200,000+, or



If you’re looking for  the cheapest true Golden Visa, check out the Artistic Production Golden Visa

Also consider the Portuguese HQA Visa Program, priced at only €175,000, all-in.

If you’re ready to up sticks and settle in Portugal permanently (more than 8 months per year). Consider the Portuguese D7 Visa – it is way less flexible than the Golden Visa and the HQA Visa, but this income-based residency visa requires no investment whatsoever (you will, however, have to have an address in Portugal).

If you’re Russian or Belarussian, and you were in the market for a Golden Visa, contact us with an outline of your situation to discover your best options.