The Grenada Citizenship By Investment program’s price increase deadline was originally to kick in on June 30, 2024. But with Hurricane Beryl disrupting both program Agents and the Grenada Co-operative Bank’s operations, the deadline has now been extended as follows:

  • 12 JULY, 2024: Bank clearance documentation.
  • 31 JULY, 2024: Full application submission and full payment received and CLEARED.

And to meet the first deadline, you only need 5 documents:

✅ Valid passport

✅ Valid ID card

✅ Proof of address

✅ 12 Months’ bank statements

✅ Source of funds document.

(Check out this IMA Grenada circular (PDF) for more details – as received.)


If you’re a solo applicant and had your heart set on obtaining Grenada citizenship, but just couldn’t get the requisite documents ready in time before the end of June, you now have a small window of opportunity to lock in the old pricing – and save a whopping $85K!

But with only 8 days left on the clock to meet the 12 July deadline, you’re going to have to move FAST.

Assuming you can meet the bank clearance deadline, you can still apply for Grenada Citizenship on the basis of a $150K donation to the National Transformation Fund — instead of the new price of $235K, which now will take effect as of 1 August, 2024. 

(Previously, donations for couples and families of 4 (with 2 minors) started at $200,000 already, so this is really an opportunity for single applicants only.)

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