Looking for the easiest ways to get Portuguese residency post Brexit as a British citizen? The D7 Visa and Portuguese Golden Visa are both viable options for Britons seeking to settle or retire in Portugal in 2022.

While the Golden Visa requires a property investment of at least €280,000, and generally €350,000, the D7 Visa has no property investment requirement – although you will be required to have an address in Portugal.

The key requirement for the D7 Visa is proving that you’ve got sufficient recurring income to support yourself and any dependents while living in Portugal.

While pension, royalties, rental income and dividends are preferred as income sources, many applicants apply on the basis of savings and business income or salaried income, or on a combination of these.

The minimum monthly recurring income requirement for the D7 is €665+ for a single applicant, and €997.50 for a married couple. Find out more about the exact D7 Visa requirements here.