The Portuguese Golden Visa Program does not have a minimum net worth requirement, however in order to gain Portuguese residency through this program, you’ll have to invest a minimum of €280,000 in Portuguese property (and most likely the minimum eligible investment for a freehold property will be priced at €350,000+).

You also have the option of investing €350,000 in a Portuguese investment fund until the end of 2021 (€500,000 from 2022 onwards).

Under the D7 Visa Program, on the other hand, your stable recurring income levels will be a key consideration. As of 2021, Portugal’s minimum wage is €665 per month (€7,980 per year). If you have a stable recurring (and ideally passively sourced) income of €665 or more, you may be eligible to apply for a Portuguese D7 Residency Visa.

While not every Portuguese embassy will accept savings as the basis for a D7 Residency Visa application, there are many who will consider a combination of savings and recurring income, or even just savings. The D7 residency permit is issued for a period of 2 years (24 months), hence you’ll have to have savings in excess of €15,960 (€665 x 24 months) in order to apply – and ideally substantially more.

Note: Bear in mind that the Portuguese immigration authorities enjoy a substantial margin of discretion when it comes to appraising D7 Visa applications. Therefore, treat the above income requirements as the absolute minimum; the more income or savings you can prove above the minimums indicated above, the more likely it is that your residency application will be successful.