Whether the Portuguese Golden Visa is worth it will depend in large part on your specific circumstances and needs as an investor:

  • If you are ready to go settle in Portugal permanently, opting for a D7 Visa, which has no minimum investment requirement, might make more sense. The D2 Visa for foreign entrepreneurs might also be an option to look at.

  • If  you’re NOT ready to move to Portugal permanently, and you’re essentially looking for a back-up plan, then the Golden Visa is an excellent option.

  • If you’d like the low level of time commitment and flexibility of a Golden Visa, but you’d prefer not to commit a full €350,000 – €500,000 in capital for 5 years in order to gain a flexible Portuguese residency, then the HQA Visa may be a viable – and more affordable – alternative. Think of it as the cheapest Portuguese Golden Visa option.

  • If you’re looking to make a property based Golden Visa investment in a European capital city after 31 December 2021, then you’ll need to look at Athens (Greek Golden Visa), or Madrid (Spanish Golden Visa).

  • If you’re looking for the cheapest property based Golden Visa in Europe, you’ll want to consider the Greek Golden Visa. The minimum investment requirement for the Greek program is €250,000, whereas in Portugal, the lowest property based option is priced from €280,000.

  • If you’re looking to maximize your ROI, then a venture capital (VC) or Private Equity (PE) fund based investment may be preferable to a real estate investment, especially considering the devastating impact Covid has had on rental returns in Portugal during the past 18 months. Learn more about the available Golden Visa Funds here.

If you’re not quite sure about which option would suit you best, feel free to get in touch today.