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Malta Citizenship For Exceptional Services By Direct Investment 2024

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Malta Golden Visa Program

Official Governmental Program Guidance

Obtain Maltese Citizenship Via The Malta Citizenship For Exceptional Services By Investment Protocol In 2024 With Malta’s CBI experts…

Malta stands out as the premier European destination for non-EEA citizens seeking an alternative citizenship by investment.

It’s important to clarify from the start that Malta doesn’t operate a traditional Citizenship By Investment scheme. Rather, it provides a pathway to citizenship through Naturalisation for Exceptional Services via Direct Investment.

Uniquely, the program allows applicants to choose between either renting or buying a property, in addition to making a number of prescribed financial contributions.

Applicants can also opt for either a 12-month residency period or a 36-month residency period before naturalization, based on the value of their contribution to Malta’s National Development and Social Fund.

(More on both these topics below.)

Benefits Of Malta’s Citizenship protocol
(AKA Malta MEIN)


For the truly discerning, only the best CBI programs will do. Malta’s citizenship offering is the obvious choice for UHNWIs from around the world.


You and your dependent family members enjoy EU visa-free travel, and the right to reside in any of the 27 EU countries.


Maltese citizens can avail of all EU benefits. In addition, you and your family can access Canada, the USA, most of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, as well as the Americas visa-free.


Your spouse, children under the age of 29, as well as all parents aged 55+ years can be included in your Maltese citizenship by investment application.


You only need to visit Malta once in every 5 years to order to renew your residency permit(s), and every 10 years to renew your passport(s).


Unlike in the majority of other EU Golden Visa countries, English is widely spoken throughout Malta, ensuring a smooth entry experience into life in the country.


Boasting personal safety, cultural diversity and stunning natural landscapes, combined with year-round sunshine and a thriving expat community, Malta is an excellent Plan B destination.


Unlike in Austria, which also offers a citizenship by investment program, dual citizenship status  is recognized under Maltese immigration law. (I.e. you get to keep your other passports.)


Unlike the Caribbean CBI countries Malta offers a highly convenient geographic location. Flight connectivity is excellent, with most of Europe’s major cities reachable in three hours or less.

Key Program Requirements: Rental vs Property Purchase

Under both the standard 36-month and 12-month fast-track options. 

Key Program Consideration Rental Option (36 Month Track) Rental Option (12 Month Track) Property Purchase Option (36 Month Track) Property Purchase Option (12 Month Track)
Minimum Eligible Property Price  €16,000 rental fee per year, for 5 years (i.e. €80,000)  €16,000 rental fee per year, for 5 years. €700,000 €700,000
Contribution To National Development and Social Fund (Non-Refundable / Sunk Cost) €600,000 €750,000 €600,000 €750,000
Additional Contribution Per Adult Applicant  €50,000 €50,000 €50,000 €50,000
Due Diligence Screening – Primary Applicant €15,000 €15,000 €15,000 €15,000
Due Diligence Screening – Per Additional Adult €10,000 €10,000 €10,000 €10,000
Mandatory Charitable Donation: Philanthropic, Artistic, Sports, Scientific, or Cultural NGOs eligible. €10,000 €10,000 €10,000 €10,000
Residency Card Cost: Primary Applicant €10,000 €10,000 €10,000 €10,000
Residency Card Cost: Per Dependent €5,000 €5,000 €5,000 €5,000
Minimum Capital Outlay – Single Applicant
(Excluding Legal & Service Fees)
€715,000+ €865,000+ €1,335,000+ €1,485,000+
Minimum Capital Outlay – Married Couple
(Excluding Legal & Service Fees)
€730,000+ €880,000+ €1,350,000+ €1,500,000+
Minimum Capital Outlay – Family of 4 Adults
(Excluding Legal & Service Fees)
€760,000+ €910,000+ €1,380,000+ €1,530,000+


Can I pay for Malta Citizenship with crypto in 2024?2024-02-26T08:43:14+00:00

No, Malta does not allow you to pay for your citizenship investment with crypto in 2024, regardless of whether it’s held in Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc..

In theory, crypto derived wealth could be used towards payment for Malta’s Citizenship for Exceptional Services Via Direct Investment Protocol once converted to fiat currency.

But in the majority of cases, crypto holdings – BTC, ETH, etc. – tend to be a disadvantage if you’re applying for Maltese citizenship by investment.

Here’s why…

When you apply for Maltese citizenship on the basis of direct investment, Community Malta Agency requires you to declare ALL your wealth and assets,  both directly and indirectly owned, and including your crypto holdings (however nominal these may be).

And given the decentralized (and frequently obfuscated) nature of crypto, it presents significant challenges under Malta’s rigorous, 4-tier due diligence process.

(To the extent that crypto holdings are not accepted towards meeting the €500,000 net worth requirement associated with the Maltese Permanent Residency Program.)

Hence, in practice, many applicants struggle to produce proper records of how their crypto wealth was earned (especially if they were early adopters of this technology), and many abandon their applications as the proof requirements are simply too onerous for them.

The Maltese citizenship authorities place great emphasis on applicants’ source of funds, and we can advise you on exactly what will be required if you are a crypto whale.

If this sounds like too much of a challenge to you already, there are also other, lesser-known options for obtaining a top-tier passport by investment – but these will only be suitable for UHNW applicants.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to explore your options.

You can find out more about Malta’s Citizenship By Investment offering here, or contact us now below.

Agency Code: AKM-DISC

The Maltese citizenship application process at a glance

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  3. Due diligence screening and filing of Maltese temporary residency application

  4. Conditional pre-approval received from Community Malta Agency, and charitable donation becomes payable

  5. Purchase (or rent) a qualifying Maltese property and pay mandatory government contributions and fees.

  6. Complete your temporary residency period (either 12 or 36 months, depending on your government contribution.

  7. Take the Maltese Oath of Allegiance

  8. Receive your Maltese Certificate of Naturalization

  9. Obtain your Maltese passport and those of any dependent family members.

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