Investment Approach: InVino Golden Visa Investment Fund

Fund Manager:  STAG Management SCR SA

Targeted Yield: 7% IRR p.a.

Management Fee: 1.75% p.a.

Subscription Fee: 1.5%

Minimum Investment Timeframe: 8 Years

InVino Capital FCR is a unique eco and wine tourism fund dedicated to investing in the “next generation” of sustainable businesses in the hospitality sector in Portugal. The fund typically appeals to investors seeking diversification and sustainable returns.

The InVino Fund, which is an eligible Golden Visa Investment Fund, invests in companies working to transform traditional farms and heritage sites into sustainable resort destinations offering full, immersive eco, wine and gastronomy focussed tourism experiences.

The development approach employed in InVino projects seeks to balance value creation with social impact and job creation, whilst preserving each site’s cultural heritage and the natural environment.

Golden Visa applicants selecting the InVino Fund benefit from a range of added benefits, including  exclusive hotel stays, wine related experiences, as well as meaningful targeted returns.

Capital preservation is another key priority for InVino Capital, supported by the fund’s focus on tangible assets and productive projects. In addition, US and crypto investors are welcome.

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Alternatives To Portuguese Golden Visa Funds

Minimum Capital Requirement €500,000 €500,000
€170,000 No Prescribed Amount
Investment Type VC Funds;
PE Funds
Job Creation Via Company Capitalization (5 Jobs)
Scientific Research Funding Projects
(20% reduction for projects situated in NUTS III low-density areas = €400,000)
Artistic Production Funding OR Cultural Heritage Preservation Projects
(20% reduction for projects situated in NUTS III low-density areas = €200,000)
Highly Qualified Activity (HQA) Visa / HQA Residency / Packaged D3 Visa Program – Ideal Residency Option For Startups + Tax Benefits Under New NHR Job Creation – 10 Full-time Jobs;
No Prescribed Industries 

Obtain your Portugal Golden Visa with the InVino Fund in 2024.

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