Investment Approach: Saratoga Capital POR 1 Fund

Fund Manager: Saratoga Capital Partners

Fund Type: Open-ended

Golden Visa Eligible: Yes

Investment Thesis: Bridging a PE / Venture Capital funding gap, focusing on SMEs and Mid-Caps in the light industrial, production and information technology sectors.

Key Fund Differentiator: Portugal’s only golden visa fund where a strategic Asian partner will underwrite the investment. (Contact the fund to learn more.)

AUM Target: €55 million

Geographic Focus: Portugal, with an EU diversification strategy

Number Of Holdings: 9-11 portfolio assets with regional scale-up potential

Lock-up Period: 6 Years (72 Months)

Management Fee: 1% p.a.

Subscription & Redemption Fees: None

Fund Expected IRR & Carried Interest:
Years 1-3, EURIBOR +2%.
Years 4-5, EURIBOR +3%.
Years 6-8, EURIBOR +3.5%.
Above 5%, then 20% carried interest to the manager.

Saratoga Capital Portugal Investment 1 Fund Overview

Saratoga Capital’s Portugal Investment 1 is an open-ended private equity / venture capital fund that is focused on unlisted SMEs and mid-caps with promising profitability potential for long-term growth and consistent annualized returns. Associated synergy investments are across verticals that are complementary.

High interest rates, recessionary indicators and bank funding options being in short supply increases pressure on viable companies in the midst of transition situations. Saratoga exploits these investment opportunities utilizing equity exposure and fully secured private debt.

The fund actively seeks out these so-called “special situations”, which frequently offer the most profitable deals because:

(A) Acquisition costs tend to be modest,
(B) Opportunities for restructure debt exist, and
(C) The amount of capital at risk tends to be substantially below that engaged in the acquisition of a well-performing company.

The fund maintains liquidity through capital market placement with blue-chip providers. Investment is made in companies that are in the midst of transition, such as those in restructuring or experiencing ownership succession issues, for which our deep in-house operational experience and hands-on investment nurturing approach will be crucial.

Ground-up venture capital builds to be considered as appropriate. Strategy is based on capital growth, with a target annualized return of 8-11%+ over a full investment cycle.

Saratoga’s Target Asset Selection Process At A Glance

Saratoga Target Asset Selection Process

Saratoga’s target opportunities are generated internally and through contacts with lending banks and NPL management entities.

About Saratoga Capital Partners

Saratoga Capital Partners is a private equity and alternative asset management group. Founded in 2008, the partnership initially focussed on mergers and acquisitions advisory and boutique capital raising.

They actively seek out “special situations”, enabling them to unlock deep value from substantially underpriced assets or opportunities. They seek to maximize investor value and return, while also creating opportunities for their portfolio companies and their respective stakeholders.

To contact the fund directly, email [email protected].

Request contact and download the full Saratoga Fund brochure below.

Alternatives To Portuguese Golden Visa Funds

Minimum Capital Requirement €500,000 €500,000
€170,000 No Prescribed Amount
Investment Type VC Funds;
PE Funds
Job Creation Via Company Capitalization (5 Jobs)
Scientific Research Funding Projects
(20% reduction for projects situated in NUTS III low-density areas = €400,000)
Artistic Production Funding OR Cultural Heritage Preservation Projects
(20% reduction for projects situated in NUTS III low-density areas = €200,000)
Highly Qualified Activity (HQA) Visa / HQA Residency / Packaged D3 Visa Program – Ideal Residency Option For Startups + Tax Benefits Under New NHR Job Creation – 10 Full-time Jobs;
No Prescribed Industries 

Obtain your Portugal Golden Visa by Fund Investment in 2024.

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