Marcha Venture Capital (VC) Fund Investment Approach


“A conservative approach to VC investing”

Portugal Golden Visa Eligible Fund: Yes

Fund Manager: INQBT Capital Portugal

Fund Administrator: MPA Partners

Target AUM: €300 million

Targeted Yield: 10% IRR

Management Fee: 3% p.a. 

Subscription Fee: 0% 

Fund Term: 14 Years

Auditor: Kreston & Associados

Custodian Bank: Bison Bank

CMVM Registration Number: 174783

It is not often that the terms “conservative” and “VC” are mentioned in the same sentence, but a conservative approach to venture capital investment is central to the Marcha Fund’s investment thesis.

The Marcha VC Fund seeks to deliver consistent returns by making strategic investments, through the acquisition of equity stakes, in companies with high growth potential. In combination, the fund places significant emphasis on capital preservation and managed risk exposure. 

Consequently – and to meet the fund eligibility requirements of the Portuguese Golden Visa – 60% of the fund’s capital will be deployed within the equity/credit of Portuguese companies with high or hyper-growth potential. 

The remaining 40% of the fund’s capital will be deployed in the global bonds market (Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Zero Coupon Bonds, Lending Funds, and other low-risk, high-yield investments in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria, St. Lucia, North Macedonia, Greece, Dubai, Canada, USA, Hong Kong and Switzerland).

This strategy will help achieve capital preservation: Over a 10-year period, the 40% of investors’ capital deployed in global bonds is projected to appreciate to a minimum of 68% of their initial investment amount (€340,000). 

Some of the fund’s target sectors will include:

  • Energy: Solar electricity, hydrogen production, fertilizer production, and other renewable energy sources
  • Recycling: Portuguese recycling companies with disruptive business models, with an emphasis on profitable recycling techniques.
  • Technology: Blockchain and crypto projects, fintech startups, innovation driven companies, startup incubators, cyber security startups and scale-ups, as well as Web3 projects.
  • Services: Circular economy, sharing economy and personalized services.
  • Finance: Market data infrastructure providers, liquidity technologies, financial innovation, as well as Portuguese local VC funds and projects with massive disruptive potential.

The fund’s exit strategy will take the form of the liquidation of its bond positions, through IPOs for high-growth companies, as well as through the sale of such companies to competitors (M&A opportunities).

It’s also worth noting that the fund charges no subscription or performance fees, apart from a 3% annual management fee.

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