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Obtain Italian Residency By Investment With Italy’s Golden Visa in 2024…

Mediterranean climate. Stunning vistas. The world’s most loved cuisine. Italy ticks just about all of the boxes. And in 2024, the Italian Golden Visa Program sets the benchmark for European Residency By Investment.

Here are just a few of the reasons why more Golden Visa applicants are choosing Italy as their Plan B…

Fastest EU Golden Visa Program – Approvals in 30 days, residency cards within 2-3 months.

Enjoy visa-free travel to all other Schengen countries for 90 out of every 180 days.

Pre-approval step: Obtain your residency card(s) before committing any capital (90 days to apply the funds).

No minimum or maximum in-country stay requirements: 0 days per year (and 182+ days p.a. in Italy before triggering Italian tax requirements.)

Benefit from the €100,000 Lump Sump Tax Regime for HNWIs (double taxation treaties signed with over 180 countries).

Cash-flowing investment in real estate hospitality holding (via the €500,000 Golden Visa Fund option).

Enjoy a buy-back option on the €500,000 investment into a regulated Fund.

Find out more about the program below, or contact us now to discuss your options.

Benefits Of The Italian Golden Visa Program


As far as lifestyle, scenery, architecture, cuisine and culture goes, Italy’s allure is unmatched in continental Europe (and arguably the world).


Residency approvals granted within 30 days, and Italian residency cards issued within 2-3 months thereafter.


Unlike in Portugal, where family reunification is now taking up to 24 months+, your family can obtain their residency cards immediately.


Unlike the Golden Visa Programs of Portugal, Greece, and Spain, the Italian Golden Visa’s rules and options remain stable, and the program is well regarded by all local political parties.


Unlike in Portugal, which requires you to spend 7 days per year there, on average, Italy requires no minimum stays whatsoever, so you can come and go as you please.


Your spouse, children under 18, as well as your financially dependent adult children or parents are also eligible to be included in your Italian Golden Visa application.

Italian Golden Visa Investment Options (2024)

Program Investment Options €250,000 €500,000 €1 Million €2 Million
Nature of Capital Commitment Innovative Startup Investment Italian Company Investment Public Interest Donation Italian Government Bonds
Minimum Capital Lock-In 2 Years 2 Years N/A 2 Years
Clear Path To PR and Citizenship Yes Yes Yes Yes
Capital Guaranteed Options No Yes N/A No

With the Italian Golden Visa Program, you don’t need to make an eligible investment until such time as your residency card is in your hands. At that point, you have 90 days to make a qualifying investment – and if you don’t, your residency permit will get cancelled.


Does the Italy Golden Visa have a real estate option in 2024?2024-04-14T07:55:32+00:00

As of April 2024, the Italian Golden Visa Program does NOT offer a real estate track. However, applicants can opt to buy shares in a company that invests in real estate.

Even thought this option is priced from €500,000, it offers hard asset backing, and thus gives applicants greater peace of mind than the €250,000 Innovative Startup option (which comes with significant risk of total capital loss).

Discover more of your program options, including how you can indirectly in Italian Real Estate to gain the country’s Golden Visa, here.

Why Choose The €500K Italian Real Estate Fund Option To Obtain Residency By Investment?

A Golden Visa eligible real estate based opportunity is presented by a highly experienced hotel investment company investing in Italian hospitality sector assets. It is incorporated in Italy, and operates in the country as a “società di investimento a capitale fisso” , or SICAF. Hence it meets the requirements for the Italian Investor Visa.

This SICAF investment vehicle falls under the supervision of  the Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa“, or Consob – the Italian government authority responsible for regulating the Italian securities market“ and the Bank of Italy. SICAFs are managed in the interest of its investors by a regulated Fund Manager, with Funds and assets held by a regulated Italian Bank.

The external management team include real estate and hospitality experts, providing legal, administration, finance and asset management services. Capital is deployed within existing, cash-flowing properties, as well as in renovation and extension opportunities in the luxury segment. All hotels invested in are managed by experienced hotel operators.

Here’s why Italian Golden Visa applicants are increasingly opting for this type of product over the Innovative Startup and Listed Share options…


Real estate is the preferred asset class for Golden Visa investors around the world. All properties invested in already hold the requisite building approvals and/or operating licenses, thus de-risking the proposition even further.


With projected returns of circa 5% p.a., this Golden Visa opportunity delivers far more than just a Plan B residency. All target properties are situated in high-demand locations, thus ensuring high occupancy rates and revenue per available room.


Enjoy unrivalled peace of mind with guaranteed share buy-back options at the end of the 5-year or 10-year break clauses. This is a key safeguard typically not available under the 250K Innovative Startup option.


This is a hands-off, fully done-for-you property investment option managed by area experts with an exemplary track record of success.


Capital participants further benefit from a wide range of discounts, benefits and privileges via a complimentary lifetime VIP Club membership.


All operational management, maintenance and repair costs are covered, thus increase your overall net profitability.

Plus, capital participants get to enjoy a lifetime membership of an exclusive VIP lifestyle estate situated in Murano, one of the most sought after Venetian islands. Club membership benefits include accommodation discounts on Club Unit accommodation bookings, complimentary airport transfers, as well as discounts on drinks, meals and boat charters at the Club Estate.

The Real Estate Fund’s Approach At A Glance…

A pipeline of over 100 target properties in the 5-star and luxury boutique segments has already been identified. These properties (both operating/cash-flowing, and renovation or reconstruction opportunities) are situated in in Italy’s top cities, with resort properties situated in highly sought after locations.

The fund employs what is known as a white-label strategy: In the hotel industry, the white label approach allows for a flexible operating model, ensuring a branded identity among different individual hotels.

In the case of a white label hotel, the chain or brand affiliation plays a subordinate role in the external presentation to clients. “White label” provides market identity, umbrella booking engine, as well as the website architecture to host individual hotels, and ensure collective minimum standards to support a superior and consistent guest experience.

The white label will retain the fees traditionally given to the major chains for the services provided. This model is increasingly becoming a framework for dynamic growth in the independent hotel market.

The signature brand offering being developed will feature an authentic Italian architectural and design identity, combined with bespoke service offerings and an innovative club concept delivering sustainable luxury.


What Are The Key Italian Golden Visa Program Requirements?

Minimum capital requirement? €250,000 (Innovative Startup Investment);

€500,000 (Shares or stocks of an existing Italian company – S.p.a.p; S.p.a; S.rl; or S.r.l.s, etc.)

Proof of Italian domicile address required? Yes
Minimum annual income requirement (2024)?


Health insurance required until citizenship is attained? Yes
Clean criminal record required? Yes – Required for all adult applicants in their country of origin OR current residency, if this is not the same country.
Minimum applicant age? 18 Years
Minimum in-country presence requirements? None – 0 Days per year
Clean source of funds requirement? Yes

Nulla Osta (Certificate of No Impediment) required?

Proof of qualifications and/or professional experience? Yes
Written undertaking to make an eligible investment into the Italian economy within 3 months? Yes
Detailed Curriculum Vitae (Resume) Yes
Wedding and Birth Certificates Yes, if you’re applying as a married couple/family.

The application process at a glance

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Important: Once you have obtained your residency card(s), you will have 90 days in which to commit your capital. If you do not complete your investment transaction within this timeframe, your Italian Golden Visa residency status will be cancelled.

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THE Italian Golden Visa experts based in Venice, Milan and Rome

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✓ 100% success rate for Italian Golden Visa applications.

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