Portugal Golden Visa Funds List 2024

UPDATE: As of this writing (on March 13), 2024, the minimum fund investment required for the Portuguese Golden Visa is €500,000. And it is no longer possible to obtain a Golden Visa by property investment or bank deposit.

You are, however, still able to invest €500,000 to create 5 full-time jobs under the Job Creation Golden Visa track (or €400,000 to create 4 jobs – provided the project is located in a NUTS III area).

And yes, a number of done-for-you product options exist.

Below, we have compiled a list of the available investment funds that are eligible for the Portuguese Golden Visa in 2024. We also include salient details like the Fund Descriptions, Life Cycles, Target Yields, Closing Dates, as well each fund’s Contact Details.

List of Portugal Golden Visa Investment Funds For 2024

Check out the latest list of eligible, €500,000 fund investment options for the Portuguese Golden Visa below…Despite us taking care to ensure the below information is correct, we take absolutely no responsibility for the correctness of the information provided. We also don’t guarantee that this list of Portuguese investment funds covers all of the available options.


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Always be sure to consult a trusted and knowledgeable financial advisor when considering investing in securities. 


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