Portugal Job Creation Golden Visa 2024

Create 5 Research Jobs For 3+ Years (High-Priority Sector)

Excellent EU Plan B Option – Clear Path To Citizenship

De-risked Alternative To Golden Visa Funds – Multiple Proven Income Streams 

10% Yield (IRR) P.A. (Payable At End Of Year 7) 

Limited Guaranteed Buy-Back Options Available

Clear Exit Strategy After End Of Year 7

Done-For-You Program: No Active Business Involvement Required

Hard Asset Backed Project: Real Estate And Equity

Don’t want to invest in a Venture Capital or Private Equity Fund? Meet Portugal’s Job Creation Golden Visa…

Despite the Real Estate and Bank Deposit options no longer being available, the Portuguese Golden Visa Program still offers various investment options in 2024:


Private Equity/
Venture Capital


Passive Option: Done-For-You


Non-Refundable Donation

And the €500,000 Job Creation track is perhaps the most overlooked option of them all…

More than 95% of Golden Visa applicants to date have opted for the real estate option, and hence the entire industry focussed on this category. The removal of this option paved the way for PE and VC Funds taking center stage as of 2023.

And while the Cultural Golden Visa’s traction – either by investment or donation – remains limited still, the often overlooked job creation track looks set to become a lot more interesting in 2024.


Whilst there is no minimum prescribed investment amount for the 10-job option, creating 10 full time positions under Portuguese labor law can be quite challenging for unassisted foreigners.

The 5-job option requires a capital transfer of €500,000+ towards:

  • The incorporation of a Portuguese company combined with the creation of 5 permanent jobs; OR;
  • Investment in an existing company combined with the creation of 5 permanent jobs or maintenance of 10 jobs,

    …For a minimum period of 3 years.


Introducing an asset-backed job creation project in the renewable energy sector…

One pioneering project in the Golden Visa By Job Creation space offers a highly compelling alternative to PE / VC Fund Investments, which, by their very nature, carry a significant amount of risk.

Focused on the renewables / alternative energy sector and collaborating with two Portuguese universities, this technology company facilitates postgraduate sustainability research in areas such as:

  • Renewable electricity production and storage
  • Next-generation construction techniques and energy-efficient insulation solutions
  • Smart water drainage and treatment solutions
  • BioAgriculture
  • Reduction of water usage
  • Domotics (i.e. SmartHome Technology)

Research will be conducted in central Portugal under the auspices and supervision of two Portuguese Universities, and the technologies developed will be deployed on-site as part of the job creation project.

Investors in the project will become co-owners of the research company’s productive assets, as well as the intellectual property developed during the research process.

Why Choose The Job Creation Option Over A Golden Visa Fund In 2024?


The Research Company owns significant assets acquired at below-market value, and can deliver stable, predictable income.


The Real Estate option drew criticism for not delivering tangible socio-economic benefit. The impact of job creation is indisputable.


The €500,000, 5-job option is a 100% passive investment – literally every aspect of this Golden Visa project is taken care of by area experts.


A limited number of guaranteed buy-back options are offered, with early exits negotiable (and subject to penalties)


Participants enjoy a clear exit strategy as of the end of Year 7, with the option to maintain their investments beyond this point.


The program features a flat-fee structure that costs up to 50%+ less than VC Fund management fees (over circa 6 years).


Obtain your Golden Visa via job creation in 2024.

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    Portuguese Job Creation Golden Visa overview for 2024 compiled by…

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