Obtain Cypriot Permanent Residency By Investment In 2024

Boasting stunning scenery, spectacular beaches, excellent affordability and high-quality living, Cyprus ticks a lot of boxes – both as a Plan B and Plan A destination.

In addition,  the Cyprus Golden Visa is one of only four European residency by investment programs offering permanent residency (PR) status right from the start.

(Malta (MPRP), Gibraltar (Category 2 HNWI Residency) and Russia (Russian Golden Visa) are the only other countries to offer immediate PR by investment.)

In addition, with eligible property investments priced from only €300,000, the Cypriot Golden Visa is also Europe’s most affordable permanent residency by investment program in 2024.

In addition, Cyprus’ Parliament is currently debating reducing the minimum investment amount to just €250,000 for applicants earning an income of €40,000 or more per year. (We’ll publish any official program updates as and when they become available.)

Find out more about the program below, or contact us now to discuss your options.

And if you’re here because you were looking for the now-defunct Cyprus Citizenship By Investment Program, be sure to get in touch – there are other options

Benefits Of  The Cyprus Golden Visa Program


Eligible real estate investments priced from only €300,000 – and you can mix and match commercial resale and new/off-plan residential properties.


You only need to visit Cyprus once in every two-year period in order to renew your permanent residency permit(s).


Your spouse, children under 18 and financially dependent adult children are also eligible to be included in your Cypriot Golden Visa application.


Unlike as in Portugal – where family reunification can take years – you and your family can travel to and live in Cyprus from the get-go.


Unlike in Portugal, Greece, Spain and Italy, your Cypriot residency status is immediately permanent – NOT temporary first.


Obtain Cypriot permanent residency in as little as 60 days with one of the fastest Golden Visa programs in Europe.

Cyprus Golden Visa Investment Options (2024)

Option 1: €300,000

New Residential Real Estate
(Category A)

Buy a new (first-time / non resale) residential property – or up to two properties from the same developer – worth at least €300,000 (plus 19% VAT).

The principal must have originated from abroad, i.e. not from domestic borrowing or commercial activity in Cyprus.

Option 2: €300,000 

New OR Resale Commercial Property (Category B)

Buy a new OR resale commercial property – or up to two properties – worth €300,000+ in total (i.e. hotels, retail spaces, offices, or a combination).

Unlike with Category A, the applicant’s income may derive from business activities in Cyprus. Evidence of accommodation, either owned or rented, is required.

Option 3: €300,000

Share Capital Investment (Category C)

Invest €300,000+ in the share capital of a Cypriot company with at least five employees and a proven physical presence (i.e. economic substance).

Applicant income may derive from commercial activity in Cyprus.

Option 4: €300,000

Cypriot Fund Investment (Category D)

Invest  €300,000+ in a Cyprus Investment Fund, AKA a Cyprus Collective Investment Organization (e.g. RAIF, AIF, AIFLNP).

Applicant income may derive from commercial activity in Cyprus.

The investment must be held (or replaced with another eligible investment) for as long as the permanent residency status is active. Failure to comply with this program requirement will lead to your residency permit being cancelled.

What are the key Cyprus PR program requirements and considerations?

Minimum Capital Requirement €300,000 (excluding VAT on Category A Investments: New Residential Units)
Family Member Eligibility Spouse: Yes;

Minor Children: Yes;

Qualifying Dependents Aged 18-25: Yes, IF:

Unmarried and financially dependent on main applicant, AND;

Enrolled in tertiary studies abroad, AND;

Main applicant has an additional annual income of €10,000 for each dependent.

Annual Income Requirement (2024)

This requirement must be met on a continual basis.

Main Applicant: €50,000+;

Spouse: €15,000+;

Per Minor Dependent: €10,000+

Per Qualifying Dependent Aged 18-25: €10,000+

Health Insurance Until Citizenship Status Is Attained Yes – Required
Clean Criminal Record Required  Yes – For all adult applicants in their country of origin OR residency, if this differs
Additional Investment Required For Non-Dependent Adults Over 25 €300,000 (excluding VAT on Category A Investments: New Residential Units)
Minimum in-country presence requirements  One visit every 2 years
Freedom Of Movement Limitations: Cyprus Golden Visa Holders Only Cypriot citizens can live, work and study across the EU without restrictions: Cyprus Golden Visa holders (i.e. Cypriot Permanent Residents) must first naturalize before they can enjoy these privileges.

Path to Cypriot Citizenship And A Passport?

Yes – After 7 years of residency.
Dual Citizenship Status Recognized? Yes

The application process at a glance

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  1. Contact us and book a discovery call with your case consultant.

  2. Initial client due diligence screening.

  3. Sign term sheet and commence application process.

  4. Purchasing of eligible Cypriot real estate / other eligible investment.

  5. Compilation of client case file and supporting documentation.

  6. Submission of client application to the Cypriot immigration authorities.

  7. Receipt of Golden Visa approval notification, and residency cards issued.

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