About Andre Bothma

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Andre is a seasoned digital entrepreneur with extensive experience working in the demand-side of the Residency and Citizenship By Investment industry. Having identified a gap in the market for affordable European immigration solutions outside of Golden Visas, he launched D7 Visa to help more foreign individuals and families settle in Europe without the need for property investment. He is also one of the earliest global promoters of the HQA Visa Program. Outside of Covid times, he spends a significant amount of his time in Portugal.

Italy Is launching a new Digital Nomad Visa Program

Italy is getting on the digital nomad visa bandwagon. Here's a summary of the latest news articles and what we know about the program thus far... Latest news on the Italian Digital Nomad Visa Program: Italy to Introduce Digital Nomad Visa - SchengenVisaInfo.com Italy launches one-year Digital Nomad Visas For Foreigners. - GlobalTrender.com Italy approves [...]

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Spain to launch Startup Visa and Tax Breaks for Startups, Digital Nomads in 2022

On December 10, 2021, Spain’s Council of Ministers adopted the draft of the Spanish Startups Law, a piece of legislation intended to promote the country as an attractive destination for foreign startup founders, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. In an article published by Spain's Vice-President and Minister for Economy and Digitalization, Nadia Calviño, she outlines sweeping [...]

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Global instability putting Portuguese residency on the radar of the following countries in 2021…

Global instability has been a key driver of success for both the Portuguese Golden Visa and D7 Visa Program for people with means. Albeit for differing reasons, nationals from the following 12 countries are increasingly considering Portugal, either as a “Plan B” or as a permanent new home. Yet given the existence of international sanctions, [...]

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How To Apply For Your Portugal NIF & Tax Representation Online in 2021

If you're reading this article, chances are that you've decided that you want to apply for the D7 Visa without the assistance of a Portuguese immigration professional (good luck!). A word of caution... While applying for the D7 independently means that you are going to have to do a lot more of the heavy lifting [...]

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There ARE affordable EU residency programs for South Africans in 2022

And it’s not the kind of thing Golden Visa firms will EVER tell you about...  The economic outlook in South Africa has been deteriorating since at least 2008, when Eskom’s controversial load shedding kicked off. Today, well over a decade later, the country faces down a plethora of intersecting crises: an electricity death spiral, corruption, [...]

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Newborn children of foreign residents in Portugal to gain citizenship by birth in 2020.

[LISBON: 10 NOVEMBER 2020] As of 11 November 2020, children born to foreigners who have been resident in Portugal for longer than 12 months will be eligible to obtain Portuguese citizenship at birth. This new amendment to Portugal’s nationality law was promulgated on 3 November 2020. Previously, children born to foreign parents living in Portugal [...]

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