European Citizenship By Investment Program (CBI) Comparison 2024

Looking to obtain European Citizenship By Investment in 2024? Below, we feature both the active and currently inactive CBI programs with a view to help you make an informed decision.

AUSTRIA Austria CBI Active Donation: €3 million+


Public benefit investment: €8-10 million+

PROS: Exceptional country with a top-tier passport. Citizenship immediately granted on approval.

CONS: Significant capital outlay, and a 24-36 month, highly discretionary application process.

Yes Malta’s CBI offering
CYPRUS Cyprus CBI Inactive Real Estate Investment: €2 million +

N/A – program currently inactive.

N/A – program currently inactive. Malta’s CBI offering
MALTA Malta Naturalisation for Exceptional
Services by Direct Investment (also occasionally referred to as Malta MEIN).
Active Government contribution: €600,000 (3-Year residency track), OR €750,000 (1-Year residency track).


Investment/Rental: €700,000+ in real state, OR a 5-year rental contract at €18,000 per year (i.e. €90,000 over 5 years).


Charitable donation:€10,000 donation to a  registered and compliant charitable organisation in Malta.

PROS: Exceptional country with a top-tier passport. The country enjoys a sterling international reputation as a CBI destination.

CONS: Significant capital outlay, and the Maltese government publishes the names of applicants in the public domain.

Yes Contact us for more information on the latest off-market and discretionary Citizenship By Investment options – especially if you’re Russian.
MONTENEGRO Montenegro CBI Inactive Real Estate Investment: €450,000+


Government contribution: €200,000

N/A – program currently inactive

N/A – program currently inactive. Malta’s CBI offering
NORTH MACEDONIA North Macedonia CBI Inactive Contribution: €200,000+

N/A – program currently inactive

N/A – program currently inactive.  Turkiye’s CBI program
SERBIA Serbian Direct Citizenship By Exception Program Contribution: Get in touch for more information PROS: This discretionary path to a Serbian passport is typically very fast – as little as 6 months – provided you can qualify.

CONS: The government has total discretion about whom they naturalize and based on what type of contribution – hence referring to it as a ” CBI program” is arguably an incorrect.

Given this, there are no prescribed minimum investment amounts.

Where capital contributions do serve as the basis for an exceptional citizenship application, the thresholds tend to be fairly variable – albeit generally far lower, historically, than those of Malta, or the now-defunct Cyprus CBI program.

None (and no language requirement either) Malta’s CBI offering.

(When available.) 

Get in touch for more information. Get in touch to check current availability. Typically varies from €2 million to €10 million+. Get in touch for more information. Varies per country. Serbian Direct Citizenship By Exception Program

Get in touch for more information.

Will there by any new Citizenship By Investment programs launched in 2024?

We have it on good authority that there are a number of new CBI programs in the works. However, whether any will be launched in 2024 remains to be seen… We will update this page as more official information becomes available.

European CBI investment options priced from €700,000+. Contact us now for more information.

European Citizenship By Investment programs are getting more expensive and restrictive and over time. Don’t delay – secure your Plan B today.

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