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All-New Hungary Golden Visa Program 2024: Priced From €250K2024-03-31T21:47:10+00:00
New Hungary Residency By Investment Program (Golden Visa) 2023

Set to be Europe’s cheapest Golden Visa program (priced from €250,000 excluding fees).

Absolutely no minimum in-country presence requirement.

Enjoy visa-free travel across the Schengen Area for up to 90 out of 180 days.

Own the Ultimate Plan B in one of the EU’s most stable countries.

Hungary: The European Golden Visa Pioneers Return In 2024…

The past two years have seen numerous Residency and Citizenship By Investment programs crack under political pressure. First fell Cyprus and Moldova. Then Montenegro, the UK and Ireland.

But one EU country is bucking this trend.

In 2024, like a phoenix, an all-new Hungarian Residency By Investment program is set to rise from the ashes.

Faster, simpler, and more affordable than the earlier Hungarian Bonds program (which was priced at €300,000).

Boasting a zero minimum stay requirement, generous family eligibility and class-leading affordability, this Hungarian residency program is already garnering significant interest internationally.

The program pricing options for 2024 are set to include the following:

  • €250,000: Real Estate Investment Fund Investment

  • €500,000: Real Estate Acquisition

  • €1 million: Public Trust Donation (non-refundable).

The new program is launching in January, 2024.

Find out more about the program below, or contact us now to schedule a free discovery call.


Does Hungary have a Golden Visa program in 2024?2024-03-31T21:48:03+00:00

Hungary currently offers a legal pathway to obtain Residency By Investment. (Although technically speaking, it leverages a legal framework for “non-lucrative residency”, rather than explicit Golden Visa legislation).

The good news is that in 2024, the Hungarian government is launching a new bona fide Hungary Golden Visa program.

The program pricing options for 2024 are set to include the following:

  • €250,000: Real Estate Investment Fund Investment

  • €500,000: Real Estate Acquisition

  • €1 million: Public Trust Donation (non-refundable).

Please note: Whilst the draft legislation has NOT been adopted yet, this is expected soon.

We’ll be updating this page with more details in the coming days so be sure to come back soon.

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What are the benefits of the Hungarian Residency By Investment program?


The program is set to offer a €250,000 option for Hungarian Real Estate Funds, and a €500,000 option for actual properties.


Apart from one visit to attend your biometrics appointment and collect your residency cards, you don’t need to spend any time in Hungary at all.


Your spouse, children under 18 and financially dependent parents are also eligible to apply under your Hungarian residency application. Children over 18 can be included too, provided they are studying full-time and financially dependent on the primary applicant.


Unlike as in Portugal – where family reunification can take years – you and your family can travel to and live in Hungary from the get-go.


Peace of mind is part of the package: You’ll only have to commit ANY capital once residency approval has been granted, and your residency cards have been issued.


Your children can study at public and private schools and universities, and the whole family can access medical services.


Enjoy visa-free travel across the entire Schengen area as a Hungarian legal resident for up to 90 days out of 180 days.


Obtain an ultra-flexible Spanish residency in under 60 days with one of the fastest Golden Visa programs in Europe.


Gain exposure to Hungary’s dynamic property market, whilst simultaneously establishing a foothold and home base in the EU for you and your family.

*Hungarian Golden Visa residents enjoy visa-free travel to the following Schengen countries:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Spain, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

EU Golden Visa Program Comparison Chart 2024

Program Considerations (RE) Hungary Golden Visa 2023 Greece Golden Visa 2023 Latvia Golden Visa  2023 Portugal Golden Visa 2023 Spain Golden Visa 2023
Minimum capital requirement ~€250,000+ (Real Estate Investment Funds) €250,000+ (Any property – residential, commercial or land – of any age, located anywhere in Greece) From 1 August 2023 onwards: €250,000 OR €500,000+ (Depending on the property’s location.) €250,000+ (Any residential or commercial property) €280,00+ – €500,000+, depending on  age and location (Residential property in Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve and most of the coastal areas of Mainland Portugal is not eligible.) €500,000+ (Any property – residential, commercial or land
Types of eligible properties Completed, habitable Residential Properties only Land, Residential or Commercial Property Land, Residential or Commercial Property Land, Residential or Commercial Property Land, Residential or Commercial Property
Can you rent out your asset? No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minimum hold period (in order to renew) 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years
Legal basis / Official program guidance Hungarian Law II of 2007 Greek “Golden Visa” Law 4251/2014 – Permanent Residency Permit for Investors Greek “Golden Visa” Law 4251/2014 – Permanent Residency Permit for Investors Ordinance No. 305-A / 2012; Law No 23/2007; Regulatory decree No. 84/2007; Portuguese Nationality Act No. 37/81 of 3 October; Governmental program guidance; Law 14/2013 (article 63)
Typical application timeline to  40-60 Days (6 Weeks is typical) 3-4 Months 3-4 Months 12-18 Months 60 Days (2 Months)
Path to permanent residency / citizenship No Yes Yes  Yes Yes
Minimum in-country presence requirement (to maintain temporary residency)  None None None On average 7 days per year during temporary residency period (first 5 years) None
Language testing requirement for temporary residency No No No No No
Family eligibility Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Timeline to citizenship and a passport N/A After 7 years After 7 years After 5 years After 10 years of residence, unless you are a citizen an Ibero-American country or a former Spanish colony, in which case after only 2 years of residence.
Health insurance required Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Government pre-approval step before capital is committed TBC No No No No
Local tax number required Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Start process from home Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Are Russians currently eligible to apply? TBC No No No Yes
Can I work locally? No No, unless you set up your own business No Yes Yes
Can I pay for this Golden Visa using crypto? No No No Yes (convert your crypto to fiat via Bison Bank) No
Visa-free travel access to Schengen Area? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Language and /or cultural exam required for naturalization? N/A Yes (The Panhellenic exam is conducted in Greek, with a minimum required pass rate of 80% to obtain the “Certificate of Adequacy of Knowledge for Naturalization (PEGP)”. Yes (The Panhellenic exam is conducted in Greek, with a minimum required pass rate of 80% to obtain the “Certificate of Adequacy of Knowledge for Naturalization (PEGP)”. Yes (Portuguese A2 Level CIPLE exam  – Certificado Inicial de Português Língua Estrangeira. No cultural knowledge test applicable)  Yes (Basic Level Spanish proficiency is required (DELE A2)
Principal guaranteed No Generally not Generally not On some options On some options
Residency permit validity 10 years 5 years 5 years 2 years (first permit), then 3 years (second permit) 3 Years initially

Why choose the Hungarian Residency By Investment program as your Plan B in 2023?

Launched in 2023, Hungary’s Residency By Investment program has a minimum capital requirement of just €250,000. Given the imminent demise of the Portuguese Golden Visa, and the looming price increase for the Greek Golden Visa, the newly launched Hungarian Residency By Investment program has already garnered significant interest from foreign investors looking for a back-up plan against the uncertainties their home countries are facing.

Centrally situated and boasting world renowned cuisine, a vibrant culture, and spectacular Art Nouveau architecture Hungary, and the capital of Budapest, in particular, offers modern sophistication and classic old-world charm. 

While from a foreign media perspective Hungary’s politics may seem marred by upheaval, recent research shows that it is one of the EU’s most stable governments. The country’s border control measures are pragmatic and effective, and its economic policies have positioned the country well to prosper in the mid to long term.

Migrant investors can look forward to a high-quality of life – at a cost of living that can be up to 50% lower than in countries like France or Germany.

In addition, Budapest enjoys excellent flight connectivity, and a 3-4 hour office hour overlap with New York City (6-hour time difference).

The city is also fast gaining in popularity as a tech and startup hub. As of April 2023, the city is home to a growing number of startup accelerators and a wide range of funding players (170+ startups, supported by over 4,000 local angel investors).

Hungary serves as an excellent gateway for accessing the rest of the European market (500 million+ potential customers) without any import tarriffs or trade barriers.  Manufacturing companies, in particular, are attracted to Budapest due to its central geographical location and great transport links with the rest of the continent.

According to the Hungarian Central Statistical Office’s 2021 data, approximately 57.5% of the Hungarian population identified as Christian, while 27.2% identified as having no religion, or did not specify a religion.

While economic growth is set to remain subdued for the rest of 2023 as the economy gradually adjusts to higher energy prices, the Hungarian economy is projected to grow by 2.6% in 2024, with inflation dropping to 4%.

The application and renewals process at a glance

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  1. Contact us and book a discovery call with your case consultant.
  2. Sign term sheet and commence application process.
  3. Initial client due diligence screening.
  4. Preparation of your application file, including proof of means of subsistence, and  available funds to make a qualifying investment.
  5. Documentation is signed, and application submitted to the Hungarian immigration authorities.
  6. Schedule biometrics appointment and receive your residency card(s).
  7. Renew your residency every 10 years, indefinitely, subject to owning a qualifying residential property in Hungary.

Work with THE Hungarian Residency By Investment Experts

✓ A dedicated team of 50 multilingual professionals based in Budapest and Malta.

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✓ A track record of success spanning over 12 years – over 3,000 immigration clients successfully assisted across a wide range of global investment migration programs.

✓ Longstanding relationship with Hungarian immigration authorities, and trusted relationships with a range of service providers and property professionals on the ground.

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