Opening a Bank Account in Portugal in 2024

How To Get It Done Fast, Remotely and Online – From Practically Anywhere…


The Portugal D7 Visa offers a path to Portuguese residency - without investment.

Need to open a Portuguese bank account for your D7 Visa application? Below we outline how you can remotely open a bank account in Portugal from practically anywhere in the world.

Read on for step-by-step guidance on how you can apply for a bank account in Portugal from overseas, and be sure to use this link when applying online to get a 10% discount on your account opening service fee.

Let’s get into the details below…

For the uninitiated foreigner, opening a Portuguese account remotely can be virtually impossible without professional help. But fortunately, such help is available in Portugal, in the form of a startup company called BORDR.COM

BORDR.IO specializes in helping foreigners apply for a Portuguese bank account remotely. They also offer customers the ability to apply for a Portuguese NIF online (Portugal’s version of a tax number).

Why choose BORDR.COM for opening your Portuguese bank account?


SPEED: BORDR.COM helps reduce your account application process from months to mere weeks — and also helps you avoid the wasted time and costly mistakes that typically come with applying for an account as a foreigner. 

CONVENIENCE: With BORDR.COM, you can skip the time-consuming process of obtaining an apostille by getting your signature certified by a Portuguese law firm.

STREAMLINED PROCESS: BORDR.COM does all the heavy lifting during your account opening process. The entire application can be concluded in 5 simple steps (see more on the account opening process below).

PREMIUM SERVICE: BORDR.COM works with one of the largest and most respected private banks in Portugal. With your account, you’ll enjoy access to online and mobile banking, as well as in-person banking services in any of their hundreds of branches situated throughout Portugal. Your Portuguese bank account also comes with a private banker, who will serve as your main point of contact with the bank. 

AFFORDABILITY: When you use this link to apply, you’ll get a $10 discount on their already reasonable fee of $350 — so you’ll only end up paying $340 in total to open your bank account.  BORDR.COM’s fee also includes the cost of signature certification by a law firm in Portugal. Again, you will NOT have to notarize or apostille any of the documents you submit during the account opening process.

ACCOUNT FLEXIBILITY: Your Portuguese bank account can be opened for an individual, or for multiple account users.

Which documents will you need to apply for a Portuguese account via BORDR.COM?

In order to apply for your account remotely, you’ll need to submit the following documents:

  1. A valid passport.

  2. Proof of address in your country of current residence.

  3. Proof of employment (this is not required if you’re a retired person).

  4. A Portugal NIF number and supporting document. (BORDR.COM can also assist you with applying for your Portuguese NIF online. Their standard fee for obtaining a NIF is $150, yet if you use this link to apply, you’ll get a $10 discount, and only pay $140.

What benefits do I get with my Portugal bank account?

  • Access to a dedicated bank manager who will serve as your primary point of contact with the Portuguese bank

  • Access to online and mobile, app-based banking

  • 2 x Debit cards per account

  • 2 X Credit cards per account (subject to credit checks and approval)

  • Free Euro denominated transfers to SEPA member states (including the UK, EU, and 8 additional countries)

What will my monthly bank account fees be?

Your monthly bank account fees will be determined by factors such as your age, and what balance you maintain in your account. The total amount can be up to €15 per month, and the minimum deposit required to open your Portuguese bank account is €250.

What does the Portuguese bank account opening process look like?

Step 1: Visit (NOT and click on the “Bank Account” link in their top navigation bar. Then click on the pink GET STARTED button and select the bank account option and/or NIF option, depending on what you need. 

Step 2: Submit the required documentation and complete your order. Use this link to apply to get $10 off your order. (You can use this promo code for both your bank account AND NIF transactions.)

Step 3: Next you’ll receive your bank account opening documents and application forms via email.

Step 4: Complete your documents and have BORDR.COM assist you in getting your signature certified by a Portuguese law firm. 

Step 5: Ensure your application documents are all complete and mail them to Portugal. BORDR.COM can advise you on exactly what’s required.

Step 6: And finally, you get access to your new Portuguese bank account. You’ll receive your IBAN number, meet your bank manager, and get your online activation / login details for online and mobile banking.

Get started opening your Portuguese bank account online today.

To get started with your application process, visit WWW.BORDR.COM now – and remember, you can use the D7VISA discount code for both your online bank account opening application and your online NIF number application.