Investment Approach:
C2 Legacy Buyout Fund

Fund Manager:  C2 Capital Partners

Targeted Yield: 15% IRR p.a.

Management Fee: 2% p.a.

Subscription Fee: 3%

Minimum Investment Timeframe: 8 Years

Portugal’s C2 Legacy Buyout Fund is a Golden Visa eligible Private Equity Fund managed by C2 Capital Partners – SCR, S.A.

Opportunity Context: Portugal was a dictatorship until 1975. Most companies that exist in the country were therefore founded since then, by entrepreneurs who were born in the 1950s. These Boomers are now busy retiring – and not all of them have adequate business succession planning in place. This creates the potential for acquiring these assets at very attractive valuations, whilst ensuring their owners’ legacies continue.

The fund is fundamentally sector-agnostic. Its investment strategy involves seeking out opportunities to acquire majority positions (less than 100%) with a view to preserve management teams and valuable institutional memory and know-how.

Target companies include private businesses where the founders are nearing retirement, and ownership succession planning is not in place. (Hence the “Legacy” fund name.)

Other areas of opportunity include management buyout scenarios, companies facing shareholder conflict (and hence viewing an exit as a solution). Export oriented  companies facing expansion challenges due to a lack of capital access are also considered.

The profile for target companies typically meet the following criteria:

  • Annual revenues of €4 million+
  • EBITDA of €1 million+
  • Conservative debt levels (ND to EBITDA ratio of less than 3.5X)
  • An EBITDA margin of 10%+

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Alternatives To Portuguese Golden Visa Funds

Minimum Capital Requirement €500,000 €500,000
€170,000 No Prescribed Amount
Investment Type VC Funds;
PE Funds
Job Creation Via Company Capitalization (5 Jobs)
Scientific Research Funding Projects
(20% reduction for projects situated in NUTS III low-density areas = €400,000)
Artistic Production Funding OR Cultural Heritage Preservation Projects
(20% reduction for projects situated in NUTS III low-density areas = €200,000)
Highly Qualified Activity (HQA) Visa / HQA Residency / Packaged D3 Visa Program – Ideal Residency Option For Startups + Tax Benefits Under New NHR Job Creation – 10 Full-time Jobs;
No Prescribed Industries 

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C2 Legacy Buyout Golden Visa Fund 2024

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