According to data released by, 77 ARI (Golden Visa) residency permits were issued to successful primary applicants during August 2022.

An additional 125 permits were issued for dependents of primary applicants on the basis of family reunification.

As of the end of August, 806 primary applicants have been approved for residency visas under the Golden Visa program since the beginning of the year.

During August, the top 5 source countries for the Golden Visa program has been:

Country Number of Golden Visa Residency Permits Issued Reporting Month: August 2022
China 19
Brazil 10
United Arab Emirates (UAE) 10
Pakistan 5
Morocco 4
Other (Combined) 29

Of the 77 applicants, 64 opted for real estate based investments, whereas 13 chose the capital transfer route.

The average investment per primary applicant was €515,117.

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