Compared with the Portuguese Golden Visa, the D7 Visa is dirt cheap. Whereas the Golden Visa has a minimum investment requirement of €280,000, and typically €350,000, both excluding significant transfer duties and ancillary costs, the D7 does not have an investment requirement at all.

And while your Golden Visa services fees can be as high as €30,000 for a married couple and more for a family, you can expect to pay as little as €2,500 in professional service fees for your D7 Visa application as a single applicant or per married couple.

In addition, while the governmental application and processing fees for the D7 Visa does vary depending on where you’re applying from, you can expect the total cost per person for this component to come in at around €250 per person.

The visa application fee at your consulate should cost around €100, while the fee associated with your SEF appointment and residency card issuance in Viana do Castelo, in March 2022, was set at €156 for a single applicant.

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