Last updated on December 19, 2024…

The answer to this question, unequivocally, is yes – there are presently no indications that the Portuguese Golden Visa will be ending in 2024.

As of this writing, the Portuguese Golden Visa is still going strong, despite the program undergoing significant changes – and a fair amount of uncertainties and challenges – during 2023.

It’s not secret that Brussels despises Golden Visa programs. But according to EU legislation, it is up to each country in the bloc to determine whom they naturalize, and on what grounds.

Critics of the program jump at every single opportunity to proclaim the demise of the Golden Visa – and yet, it has been running as one of the world’s top residency by investment programs for the past decade.

And that while pressure from the EU and socialist lobbyists will no doubt continue unabated, the Golden Visa program presently looks set to continue without further changes in 2024.