The HQA Visa Program offers applicants the ability to significantly optimize their global tax obligations. 

Program participants’ personal income derived from their Portuguese startup activities is taxed at a standard rate of 21%, however this could be lowered to 20%, depending on the nature of the startup.

The HQA startup business can also be eligible for a number of government grants, tax incentives and subsidies, either on the basis of its startup status and research and development (R&D) focus, or as a rurally-headquartered company and/or small business.

In addition, all intellectual property (IP) developed within the startup enterprise can be patented in Portugal, which in turn would qualify it for patent box tax legislation. Consequently, any revenue derived from said IP can be subject to highly favorable tax rates.

In addition, as new Portuguese residents, participants are eligible to apply for the Portuguese Non-Habitual Tax Residency Program (NHR). Under this program, program participants can benefit from a 0% tax rate on foreign sourced income for a period of 10 years.