Outside of offering a streamlined process and fast-track approvals, participation in the HQA Visa Program delivers a strategic business asset: Over the course of the program, your business establishes a footprint and track record as an EU headquartered enterprise, with a financial and credit record with a recognised Portuguese financial institution, a demonstrable track record of tax filings and EU generated intellectual property, which can be patented, if required. 

In the case of applicants being established foreign business owners, arms-length business transactions can also be conducted between the new Portuguese startup business and said offshore businesses. 

In addition, the activities and relationships resulting from the 3-year incubation program can serve as compelling evidence of real world ties to Portugal when it comes to applying for either permanent residency status or citizenship. 

In contrast, these real world ties would not be generated as the result of either a Golden Visa property or fund investment, making the HQA a compelling option for residency applicants who are serious about naturalizing in Portugal.